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That’s a beautiful idea, but what does it mean, exactly?

Founded in 2021, And Per Se Studios is an online boutique offering products that celebrate the richness and decadence of nature. It’s a place to find one-of-a-kind gifts and decor items for yourself or someone special. Like the cute gift shop downtown, but accessed comfortably from your home — wherever that is for you. Every product in And Per Se Studios is crafted by hand in our Florida studio to be something beautiful and special.

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about the artist

And Per Se Studios is owned by Jessica Lee Gray. A lifetime creative, she started her career in graphic design and transitioned her focus to full time artist in 2021. Her longtime obsession with ampersands and passion for niche history trivia inspired the name of And Per Se Studios – read the background behind the term below. She lives in Gainesville, Florida with her furry overlord and far too many houseplants.

Jessica’s work is heavily inspired by nature and combines intense textures, spirituality and a splash of levity. Her incessantly curious and restless nature thrives on exploring new mediums for the creative process. Currently she balances her love for painting in heavily textured, sculptural acrylics with the more left-brain challenges inherent in electroforming copper jewelry. She also uses her background in graphic design to combine her original artwork with unique designs.


  • Offers graphic/web design & marketing consulting services here.

  • Follow her adventures on Instagram

  • Florida born + raised

  • Woman-owned business (she/her/hers)

  • Struggles to pick a favorite color

  • Obsessed with cover songs

  • Member of the LGBTQ+ community

The Inspiration behind And Per Se:
The term ampersand is a corruption of and (&) per se and, which means “(the character) & by itself (is the word) and.” For many years the ampersand was considered the 27th letter of the English alphabet, as it was recited along with the other letters of the alphabet.

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