✨ Crystal Grid #2: Arbor Grounding Energy ✨

We’ve used each of our crystal grid designs to create example layouts — use these as starting
points for your own practice or copy them to take the guesswork out of crystal grid work.

💎 Crystal grids are an arrangement of energetically aligned crystals in a geometric shape charged by an intention for the purpose of manifestation. When we make a crystal grid, we are aligning the appropriate stones and the geometric form with our intentions to manifest.

🔮 Use this arrangement to cultivate a sense of grounding and security. Do this meditation barefoot and outdoors if you can. As you complete the grid, focus on the feeling of sunlight as it warms the crown of your head and draw that energy down your center, rooting your feet into the earth as you breathe deeply.

✨ Process: Lay the crystals on the grid, allowing your intuition to be your guide. Focus on your breathing as you move through this practice, drawing deep, slow and steady breaths. Activate the grid in the manner of your choosing. Manifest!

💎 quartz: enhance thoughts, balance, focus, amplify energy
🖤 black tourmaline: power & self confidence, positive attitude, protection against negativity & stress
🌳 moss agate: ground & stabilize moods, promote abundance & optimism
🩸bloodstone: calm emotions, dispel confusion, enhance self-worth
🌕 moonstone: attract spiritual & emotional harmony, clarity of mind, focus & balance
🌚 obsidian: absorb negative energy, instill harmony, perseverance & determination
💚 peridot: purpose & clarity, empowerment, bountiful happiness

— watch us create this crystal grid —