✨ Crystal Grid #4: Starseed Prosperity & Abundance ✨

We’ve used each of our crystal grid designs to create example layouts — use these as starting
points for your own practice or copy them to take the guesswork out of crystal grid work.

💎 Crystal grids are an arrangement of energetically aligned crystals in a geometric shape charged by an intention for the purpose of manifestation. When we make a crystal grid, we are aligning the appropriate stones and the geometric form with our intentions to manifest.

🔮 Use this arrangement to manifest prosperity and abundance in your life. Abundance and prosperity take many forms; meditate on what they mean to you and incorporate symbols of those forms around your grid as you work. Intention & specificity is everything when manifesting.

✨ Process: Lay the crystals on the grid, allowing your intuition to be your guide. Activate the grid in the manner of your choosing. Manifest!

🏆 pyrite: mental clarity, willpower & prosperity
💚 jade: prosperity, confidence, self reliance & sufficiency, attracts abundance & lucky chances
🌿 kambaba jasper: creativity, growth & strength, increase money flow & prosperity
♥️ red jasper: courage & determination, abundant & freely given love, connects dreams to reality
🔥 carnelian: increase confidence, drive, creativity, concentration & prosperity
⭐️ citrine: abundance, self-belief, true prosperity, empowered imagination, optimism


— watch us create this crystal grid —