✨ Crystal Grid #5: Trifecta Enthusiasm & Joy ✨

We’ve used each of our crystal grid designs to create example layouts — use these as starting
points for your own practice or copy them to take the guesswork out of crystal grid work.

💎 Crystal grids are an arrangement of energetically aligned crystals in a geometric shape charged by an intention for the purpose of manifestation. When we make a crystal grid, we are aligning the appropriate stones and the geometric form with our intentions to manifest.

🔮 Use this arrangement to manifest more enthusiastic and joyful energy in your life. Channel this dynamic energy into all of your pursuits, personal, business and creative.

✨ Process: Lay the crystals on the grid, allowing your intuition to be your guide. Activate the grid in the manner of your choosing. Manifest!

💜 amethyst: increase intuition, clarity & positive thinking, motivation, imagination, insight
🍀 green tourmaline: joy, vitality, attract luck, success, abundance & prosperity, steady progress in new ventures, success
🔮 lepidolite: encourage objectivity, emotional balance & stress relief
🧡 copper: optimism, diplomacy, combat laziness & lethargy, stimulate optimism, initiative, & independence, attract money & abundance
🌺 ruby: ignites love for who one is, passion, determination
🌿 prehnite: stimulate & vitalize the body, opens you up to potential, release past & clear clutter, fresh starts
🌑 obsidian: absorb negative energy, instill harmony, perseverance & determination

Tarot: Guardian of the Night

— watch us create this crystal grid —