Are ya ready, kids?!

I finally have a shop drop date confirmed and I am absolutely pumped about all the good stuff coming your way.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • all-new work from a new collection: Recycled Earth
  • an assortment of highly textured and fabulous minis
  • shiny new electroformed pieces fresh from the studio
  • a studio clear-out sale!

The studio clear-out has me incredibly hyped because I’ve scribbled dozens of ideas in sketchbooks, on post-it notes and throughout my notes app, and this is that all-important first step towards making them a reality. I need to make room in my studio for some very exciting work, and I’m offering my past pieces at incredible prices as an offering to the universe. I’ve never had a wide-ranging sale on my work like this, and likely never will again, so this is huge.

Important Thing #1: Updates go live for email subscribers at 12am 10/13/2021 and announced to social media at 12pm (noon), so y’all will get early access to all the goodies. Check your inboxes first thing!

Important Thing #2: if you have a 15% off purchase coupon code from signing up for emails, you can use it on clear-out items. I probably will never allow stacked sales/coupons again, so take advantage while you can. If you lost your coupon code email, drop me a note before the sale and I will get you squared away.

Clear-Out Details

Macrame keychains: every order $25+ will get one included for FREE. I’ll use my intuition to pick the perfect one for you.
Beaded jewelry: OG followers of my work will remember me selling beaded pieces on Etsy way back in the day. I have a huge back-stock of work that never had its moment of glory. They’re decadent statement pieces made with natural materials like freshwater pearls, bone, wood and shell.
Mystery art: let the perfect art choose you and get some ready-to-frame pieces on canvas board. Priced just right, these lovely pieces are a fun, low stakes way to take a risk with your decor.
Free USPS shipping on orders $75+.

Lastly — this week has been very illustrative of the power social media has over small businesses like mine. We are at the mercy of the platforms (and the ever-changing algorithm) to get to the audiences that most want our work. With that in mind, I will work diligently on updating y’all more frequently via email. I hate writing emails almost as much as a bloated inbox, so I promise not to spam you, but I will be emailing more from here on out.

Thanks for joining me on this wild ride. 💜
Jessica @ And Per Se Studios