New year, new energy, exciting new products!

Lately I’ve meditated on the concept of divine timing — the universal truth that everything occurs exactly when it is supposed to. The past few weeks have been full of planning, rest, development. Some of these plans have been over a year in the making, starting from a glimmer of an idea, to full development of pieces that more closely align spiritual practice with artistic pursuits. This collection combines my obsessions with gemstones, graphic design background and artwork to create my witchiest works yet. It’s a reminder that things unfold when they are meant to, and not a moment sooner.

Divination Boards

These beautifully designed divination pieces are available in two types: crystal grids and pendulum boards. Each type of board comes in 6 unique designs and 2 sizes. Use them for meditation, divination, or sacred space decor. They’re laser engraved on birch and each has a beautifully unique character.

Art Stickers
High-quality outdoor vinyl, some of my most popular paintings and fun/irreverent designs. Stick them on your favorite bottle, laptop and more to bring some color and sass into your life.

New Electroformed Jewelry
Amethyst is one of my favorite gemstones to work with and happens to be the February birthstone. I’ve added tons of new pieces with this rich and powerful stone, ranging from delicate mini pendants to chunky statement pieces. Also on deck are an assortment of agates and jaspers that I’m absolutely obsessed with.